Day 1

Good post on fear and purposely getting rejections.

Day 1

Dressed in workout pants, grey hoodie, grey headcap.

Cloudy, 5 degrees, with terribly cold blowing wind – SSE 29 gust 38 km/h.

At the riverside park near campus. Got out, girl jogging toward me. No approach, but nodded when she met my eyes.

Climbed the hill. Felt weary, out of shape. Really cold, because of the biting wind. Wanted to turn back, but persevered. A surprising amount of joggers out there, but that’s about it.

Past four more passable female joggers on the way to campus. None met my eyes. I didn’t say a word.

En route, I asked a young couple if that was campus up ahead. “Thanks.”

Finally entered the indoor mall strip area to warm up. A lot of Asian groups. Some pairs of white girls, seated. One white guy, standing, talking to a standing white girl and seated white chick.

I felt out of place in there, because I was dressed in workout wear. Wondered if I looked older than everyone. Kept walking, across entire indoor mall strip. Felt like a really long time. Reached the end, climbed down to the metro area, went back outside. Time returned to normal speed.

Went back toward roadside trail that led to the park. Started planning on messaging old Tinder matches that I’d stopped communicating with because I thought they weren’t good enough. Tried to remind myself of latest pic where girls messaged me with “hey sexy”

On the way down, a girl just reaching the sidewalk from the park, walking her dog. Somewhat cute. Hair combed back in tight ponytail. Headphones.


She ignores me. Closer. “Enjoy your walk,” I say, louder, looking right at her.

She smiles politely/fakely.

I return to the car, drink water on the way home.

Total time: 2 hours.

Total approaches: 2 (both innocuous, second could be counted as a rejection)